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Tobermory Exhale

Soul Awakening Retreat for women Tobermory, Ontario, Canda
February 13 -16, 2023
   Want to go on an adventure?
Join us on this amazing all-inclusive experience to reconnect with:
  • Nature
  •  Creativity
  •  FUN
  • other adventurous souls
  •  and most importantly...YOU.
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BE Bold

BE a reBEl

BE Brave

If your life is sounding like the teacher from Charlie Brown, "wa wawa wa wawa," its time to practice our favorite "F" words - FUN, Food, and Friends.   The Tobermory Exhale creates a space for you to let your hair down, laugh a little (or alot) and reawaken your soul to the possibilities your life holds. And Wow...they are endless! 

Why play with us?

  • We plan. YOU play!                                                          Just get yourself HERE.

  • Escape into the calm...

  • Energize mind, body, and spirit

  • Uncover the hidden you

  • "Rebel" in the magic of winter

  • Health boosters

  • Of course snacks

  • Intimate group setting

             Breathe                                             Reconnect


How often do you find yourself inhaling…

holding your breath, just waiting

for the next shoe to fall?


Never getting the full value of breathing…

Can you imagine being in a place where you can exhale, deep and full, where every shoe drop is an intentional step to adventure, self, creativity, fun, and so much more.

Play with us as we adventure through MeToMorePhases and recognize a stength unknown but always there. It’s time for a reBElution…Your ReBElution!

Your story…Your lived experience…You…are valuable and important and its time to let your light shine.

What's a women's retreat without you...

Alyce J. - ID

"After my adventure with Jen I learned just how bad my workaholic behavior was. I learned how to play again. I can't wait for the next adventure!"

Kari A. - ID

"The time I got to spend with Jen was an adventure into my heart and reconnected me with nature. I realized how much I had been missing. Highly recommend! You'll never be the same!"

Janae B.- ID

"I came back to life in this experience. I didn't realize how much I had stopped doing and FEELING. When I came out on an adventure with Jen I wasn't sure what to expect. After this experience I feel like my heart has come alive again."

If not now...When???

You are worth it! Let go of time and money being your excuse.

What's Included?

Image by Else-Marie de Leeuw

Stay in beautiful Cabin

We thought about tents but know...winter. Our second best option was a beautiful cabin full of warmth, fun, creativity, and of course yummy food. Did we mention the views? Yup...right there we did! Disconnect from the busy  and reconnect with silence, beauty, and nature.

Image by Hannah Busing

Meet New Friends

Interested in powerful connection? Do challenging things together. These are the friendships you can savor and lean on when necessary.


Hike in the Winter Trails

Why winter hiking? Well...why not?  Winter holds a magic and beauty only for those brave enough to step into it. We know You are just that person! We look forward to Experience the trails and challenges of Tobermory...together. 

Retrat  Cover journal interior (4)_edited.jpg


We are believers in tools and fun ways to carry and use them. Be assured you won't go away empty-handed.  We also love there's that! 


jump jen.jpg

Make New Memories

Create new stories you'll talk about for years to come. This isn't just an's an experience and BEcomes part of you. Your history! Something worth passing along. Something worth Playing for! 

Image by Heidi Fin

Your Fun-treperneurs

Some say your guides are a bit like Ariel and Peter Pan. Teaching you to Dive Deep and Fly High, to create and to play. 

Why take yourself so seriously when you can let go and let flow?

Your guides will use Lived Experience as the tools for teaching.  You will be treated as human BEings, not metrics. Your guides will gently nudge you through discomfort and push the edges of your limiting beliefs, crappy thinking, and over-stressed systems, as they assist you in letting go of those stinkin' yuck berries fermenting in your soul. 

Your guides may also know a thing or two about creativity, play, energy work, Intuitive Life coaching, speaking, book writing, and more.

This event is offering Introductory Pricing at $1497
Receive a $250 Early Bird gift-count using code EXHALE23 at checkout. Gift-count will take effect after the initial deposit.
Must register by Jan. 18th for gift-count to apply.
You can hold your spot with a $500 non-refundable deposit at registration with remaining amount due by Jan. 30th.
You can also choose to pay in full if that suits you better.

***Note to self- Please register by January 18th to ensure you will get to enjoy your swag at the event...or it will be mailed to you afterwards.***


My name is Jennifer Saunders

Let me take you on a soul-level ReBEl-ution! Let's connect you with your vibrant self through the healing effects of nature and self-discovery. It's time to bring you back to life...back to BE-ing.

Come Exhale in the beauty of the Tobermory Peninsula or as we like to call it...Neverland in the Grotto.'s Time to Live Alive!

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Helmet picture.jpg

Hola! I'm Leah spelt LIGIA

Tell me you aren't creative and I'll show you the treasures hidden within you. Nothing sparks JOY, Vison, and Freedom quite like connecting with your true creative self. Here in Neverland Grotto we dive deep and fly high. 

It's not about re-connecting to old energy but rather what you bring to LIFE with your creativity.

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