The highest form of appreciation is a compliment and passing it on. 

Here's what a few of our participants and clients have to say...

I didn't think you could get any cooler, and there you are being cooler! I love your example! 

Sherry F. - Idaho Falls

Oh my GOSH!!!! Jen!! That was amazing!! Thank you for crossing lines so that others might too!! You are gift to this planet!!

Shelby S. - St. George

I've done a lot of races and this one is at the top! The race coordinator = amazing; the volunteers = amazing; the race = amazing!

Brooke Y. - Idaho Falls

You were positively amazing last night! Patient in your speech, powerful in your delivery and full of passion throughout! 

Danielle M. -Washington

YOU NAILED IT!!! I am beyond words amazed how you changed the tone of the room last night. I was watching reactions in the room and when you spelled out gay I could hear butts pucker. Then as you described your experiences it was obvious people were releasing their judgement.  I had goosebumps as you continued and drew everyone in with each heartfelt word. The interracial couple sitting next to me was obviously moved. They were stoic at first but started smiling and whispering to each other with glowing faces.  The gratitude in their faces after your speech will be embedded in my memory for a long time . 

You have broken boundaries in a stuffy, judgemental environment!!!!! 

Teena L. - Idaho Falls