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Cambodia Adventure 

          October 8 - 20

Cambodian flag.jpg

What lays in store for you on this adventure:

*Begin your trip with a short stay in Phnom Penh and visit one of the killing fields and S21 (a high school turned into a prison.) Here you will have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and learn about the history surrounding Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge genocide of the Cambodian people.

*Fly to Siem Reap and spend 5 days building a house for a local family. This build will be done with our friends from Heartprint, who have established a wonderful relationship with the Cambodian people and do amazing work at assisting them in raising their standards of living and have conscientious programs to educate and "teach them to fish."

*Spend the last 3 days in the city center of Siem Reap visiting the local night market, shops, and even have a fish foot massage.

*You will visit a local farming community, alligator farm, Angkor Wat Temples, visit the Kampong Phluk Water Village and take in a local circus.

*Feel free to come spend time before or stay longer than the planned trip. Heck...may as well while your this far around the world. Just give us a heads up.


Come find yourself in a Tuk tuk as you travel the dirt roads of Cambodia that will lead you to it's tragic history, gentle people and amazing beauty.


Come step inside the villages and mingle with it's people as you eat, wander and experience the country with all your senses. 


Come experience the kindness of the various staff members you will encounter and the excitement they share of you coming to learn of their history. 


Come see the joy on a families face as you build and present them with a new home that will raise their level of living, safety, and dignity. Experience the exhilaration as they sign their new home contract and hug you in a way you may have never been hugged before. The deep gratitude is a feeling that will stay with you for years to come and will likely set your soul on fire to expand your world views.


What's my Investment?

$500 Deposit by Jan. 25th holds your spot

$1500 remainder due by July 15th

You are responsible for your own flights and can plan for around $1000

House Build Cost (House, Toilet, Well) to raise as a group: $2140 per house

Included in cost of trip:

All sleeping accommodations

Breakfast and lunch for 5 days

Drinking water while on build site

Transportation for planned activities

Tour guides while in Siem Reip

All activity costs

You can eat very inexpensively in Cambodia and can plan to spend no more than $10 on meals you are responsible for.

Plan to bring shopping money (and bag space) as there is Plenty of fun stuff to bring home.


What our houses will look like

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