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Fun Facts

Why I do what I do: Because I Can!

Why do I really do what I do: Because it scares me or once did

What do I do: I teach you how to have fun again through overcoming faulty beliefs and making Fear your friend.

Greatest Accomplishments: My 2 beautiful daughters.

Fun things under my belt: 

*Climbed Grand Tetons

*Machu Picchu

*Traveled to 10 different countries and counting

*Built houses in Guatemala and Cambodia

*Ultra Running of distances up to 100 miles (yes at one time)

*Skydiving, board breaking, glass walking, arrow breaking

*I can ride a unicycle (nope, no juggling while riding)

*Camping or hiking...I'm in

*Learning how to meditate

*Certified Personal Trainer

*TEDx Rexburg speaker 2019

*Professional Speaker

*Co-owner of Infinity Speaking - Speaker Biz School

*Intuitive Life Coach

*ACE Behaviour Change Specialist

*Certified Reiki Energy Therapist

*Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge race director

*Palisades Ultra Trail Series board member

*Mind Current App Guide

I've heard it said so many times..."You gotta live your passion." Well, my passion is life and all the wondrous adventures it holds. Everywhere I look there is something new to see, do, and behold. I used to think I was simply ADD and lost interest in thngs quickly. I soon realized...I simply Loved life and that IT is my passion.


Taking that passion to the next level and coaching others to embrace their own adventures has become one of my greatest joys.  It's not just the outside adventures but also the inside landscapes that hold many adventures we tend to be afraid to explore.

As a Personal Adventure Guide, I will assist you in taking those inside journeys to discover what drives you and what holds you back.  Together we will map out a course and change mindsets that will allow you to start confidently taking steps in the direction of your dreams. 

As a believer in Empowerment through Play, outside activities and adventures will be incorporated, as a way to strengthen the body and distract the brain. The element of play is a powerful tool to relax the brain and allow greater connection with self and discover hidden answers within us. 

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