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Empowerment Through Play

Embrace Your Adventure

Coaching and Adventures

Training with Jennifer is truly a personal experience. Every program is designed to the individual, using skills and exercises  from different fields of study to create a whole package.  

In addition to training, you are invited to put your new skills to the test by way of excursions. Add the element of travel as you practice what you've learned, while playing and serving.


The Living Courageously Exposed podcast tells the stories of faith, courage, and inspiration of those stepping into their fear to accomplish their dreams.  From learning how to be a better parent to owning a company and everything in between, these stories will provide stepping stones to strengthen your own courage.  



Cry, laugh, leave inspired and ready to take action.  Jennifer will run you through the range of emotions as she shares stories which invite you to embrace your own adventure. The adventure of your life. You only get one, so why not make the most of every minute.  To find out more of what Jennifer is up to in the speaking world, click the button below.



For further inquiries and question please contact us

Email me at:


Jennifer Saunders

3270 E. 17th St #137

Ammon, ID 83406

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